Education is a fundamental right, and the quality of education should not depend on your zip code. Our current situation has shown that there are vast disparities in education.  Nothing so clearly demonstrates this than the lack of internet for all.


A top priority for me is to ensure that everyone has access to reliable, affordable internet. While nothing can compare to learning directly from a teacher in a classroom, educators have had to adapt quickly. With schools having to move to online instruction due to COVID-19, we are discovering many students  are left behind.  If they do not have access to the internet and technology in their formative years, how can we expect them to be the vision of the future.

 Teacher minimum salaries need to be incrementally increased to $45000, not only to ensure financial stability, but to attract and retain quality teachers.  Too many new teachers start at one school only to leave within the first few years in search of a higher salary, leaving schools and students stressed. We must continue to support our veteran teachers ensuring that their wages also continue to rise.  Teachers must be allowed to bargain, strike and donate without retribution. This ability guarantees the right of teachers to not be taken advantage of, it also empowers teachers to fight for the best interest for their students.

I believe private means private, tax payers should not be paying for private schools. I fully support reform to end the overpayments of funds to Cyber and Charter schools.  


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